Looking for Freedom

'Looking for Freedom'
João Pombeiro interviewed by Tiny Domingos

Why and how did you choose this title for your show at rosalux.com?

For my first solo show in Berlin, i wanted a title that would have some connection with the city and it´s history. I made some research about the Berlin wall, and i read about David Hasselhof’s song “Looking for Freedom” and the role that he claims the song had in the fall of the wall.

Are you looking for freedom? How?
I believe freedom is just a state of mind and it only last for a fews moments. In that way, everyone is always looking for freedom in it’s many forms. In my case i trying to find freedom in fame and fortune.

May I ask you what do you have to offer (as an artist)?
I guess the only things i have to offer as an artist are sarcasm, irony, laughter, and one or two interesting ideas about life in general.

Who and where is your public?
That´s funny... everyday i ask myself the same question.

Are you happy with it?
The only thing that matters to me is if they are happy with me.

Do contemporary artists have to be elitist?
Not really, i think it works the other way around. Contemporany elitists have to be artists. Or maybe, elitist artists have to be contemporany.

Would you like to have more public?
Acttually, I would like to fill Wembley Stadium with my public. Is that aiming too high?

Do you want to change the world with your art?
Not really. Like any other artist I’m just trying to reach a state of immortality through my work.

Is poetics essential for an artist?
Not only for artists but also for every human being

Where is your poetics?
My poetics is always side-by-side with my humor.

Is art a bore?
Sometimes it is. Art shouldn´t be as serious as some people make it.

Is your art also a bore?
Of course not. Mine is the good kind of art.

What do you think about the art system?
It´s just a system like any other systems. It has some qualitys and it has some defects.

What do you think about the artist’s role?
I think the artist’s main role is to reflect social and individual realities, and hoppefully to change them at some level.

What thinks the art system about you?
It wonders if I am profitable or not. Maybe it just wonders who am I?

What do you want to deconstruct?
I would like to desconstruct the art system from the inside. But i’ve heard that someone already did it.

Can you change the art system from the inside?
That’s the only way to do it.

What do you want to build?
A home, a family and a solid art career.

Does religiousity plays a role in your work?
It doesn´t. And I hope i don´t go to hell for that.

Does Portugal or your nationality plays a role in your work?
I don´t think so, because i consider myself a very global individual. But maybe that´s just my portuguese way of thinking...